Release Blitz: Shawland Security by K.M. Lowe

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Author – KM Lowe 
Editor – Karen Sanders ​Designer – Pink Elephant Design
​Genre – Romantic Suspense​​

Shawland Security – Book 1 of Shawland Security Series​

Shawland Security (Book 1) 

Shawland Security was a fresh start for Caleb Shawland

Caleb thought that leaving his detective status behind would let him sleep easy at night. He’d be his own boss. He’d finally be able to settle down and have a life. Only, that doesn’t last long. 

When Caleb’s ex-partner from the CPD walks into his office and mentions Aria Marshall, his world turns upside down in a heartbeat.

Aria Marshall was his one true love.

Aria Marshall has spent all of her adult life helping people less fortunate in third world countries. Her return home to Chicago was supposed to be the next chapter of her life, only she didn’t expect a predator to be waiting in the wings. She didn’t expect the next ten years of her life to vanish. Only it did, and now she needs to find a way to deal with the abuse and violence she faced.

The moment Caleb stumbles back into Aria’s life, he knows for sure he’ll do anything to protect her. No matter what that may be.

Will Caleb capture her predator before any more innocent girls find themselves in Aria’s position.

Will Aria ever be able to get over her ordeal?

Only time and patience will tell. 

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